Including contract negotiation, sales missions, training, fam trips, tradeshows, exhibitions and workshops


Including UK Office and address, established network of contacts, marketing material storage facility, hosting of functions


Including trade and consumer marketing campaigns, tactical market intelligence, media opportunities and advertising planning

Public Relations

Including press releases, press trips, co-ordination of radio and T.V. travel and lifestyle programmes and monitoring service

Design & Digital

Including email marketing, social media marketing, website design & build, animated web banners, adverts and design


We are Ignite Sales & Marketing

A progressive and innovative agency

Ignite Sales and Marketing provide the perfect solution for organisations needing Sales, Marketing & PR services for the United Kingdom, Ireland and Scandinavian travel and leisure markets. Ignite represent destinations, attractions, individual hotels, hotel groups, sightseeing tours and other travel related products.

What People Say

delaware north

“I have worked with Ignite for over 13 years, Damian and team are one of the most creative Sales & Marketing agencies that I’ve had the pleasure to work with.  I have always found the team to be clear in communication and especially communicating the findings against objectives in the UK market.  The team is bottom line driven, with clear and concise goals for projects and initiatives. They have been focused on strategically deploying an integrated marketing plan, with a strong ROI attached to all activities, in addition to a deep understanding of the UK outbound competitive landscape.”

Donald Foste – VP of Sales – Delaware North Companies


“I have worked with Damian O’Grady and Ignite Sales & Marketing for twenty years and would rank them as one of the very best representations agencies in the UK. Whether the partner products has been a hotel, a tour or a destination, Ignite have always understood the unique demands of Trailfinders business model and found a way to make it work for us (and the partner) whatever the challenges. North America is Trailfinders most important market, and has seen exponential growth over the past few years; Ignite Sales & Marketing has certainly aided this growth through its management of key hotel products and aiding the growth of destinations. I have always found Damian to be hardworking, honest, open and responsive and does not shy away from confronting difficult issues.”

Simon Woodward – Head of Product – Trailfinders

kennedy space center

“I am grateful for the hard work and exemplary service provided by Damian, Philip and the entire Ignite team.  Ignite has not only shown a commitment to exceed our expectations here at Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex (KSCVC), but have provided us tools to look at international to US travel and tourism business more strategically.  Their efforts have significantly contributed to the increase in KSCVC attendance over the last 14 years from UK and Germany.  I highly recommend Ignite to anyone looking to grow their business.”

Tommie Wright – Senior Sales Manager – Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

new smyrna beach

“Ignite Sales & Marketing has done a phenomenal job promoting the New Smyrna Beach area in the UK market. Before working together, our destination was having difficulty reaching out to an International market that was unfamiliar with our area. However, their hard work has made a significant difference in our destination’s awareness in only a short period of time. The Ignite team has been a great communicator and partner to help us reach out to UK media and trade, we trust the Ignite team to represent our company professionally and establish new relationships and awareness in the UK market. It is so easy to communicate with them as they are a friendly and devoted group of individuals who will work hard to exceed your expectations. The New Smyrna Beach team is honored to have Ignite Sales & Marketing as our partner.”

Debbie Meihls – Executive Director – New Smyrna Beach Area Visitors Bureau

Who We Work With

Our 10 Ignite Commitments to you

we open doors
we open doors

We open doors

Through Ignite’s extensive network of connections we can maximise opportunities for our clients. Our contacts span tour operator product managers, travel editors through to tour operator CEOs.
trusted expertise
trusted expertise

Trusted Expertise

Our reputation has been established from a base of hard work, honesty, commitment and achieving results. We truly enjoy what we do & will always deliver what we promise.


All our team are experienced, knowledgeable, senior account personnel who know the market and can hit the ground running. We never pass our clients onto junior member of staff.
flexibile approach
flexibile approach

Flexibility is part of our culture

Because every account or marketing challenge is different; so is the approach we take. Our job is to assess the task in hand, then work out the most effective way to tackle it. It might not always be the most obvious answer, but it might be the cleverest.
we listen
we listen

We listen

As you probably already know, agencies are very good at talking. But before we open our mouths we open our ears and simply listen. After all, you’re the guys with the account to service. So we keep schtum, and once we understand your needs, then ask the right questions to get us started.

Your Ambassadors

At Ignite you’ll always know your account is in safe hands. While we’ll always be calm and helpful in our dealings with you, rest assured that behind the scenes we’re putting the hours in; grafting and working hard on your behalf.
above and beyond we go the extra mile
above and beyond we go the extra mile

Above and beyond

We always go the extra mile. With a number of Representation and PR agencies in the UK we never forget you have a choice. So we focus on exceeding expectations and over-performing, time after time after time. And you’re always glad you chose us.

Delivering for you

We never forget that behind every client we speak to, there’s an MD or Board of Directors looking at sales, the bottom line and ROI. Keeping this front of mind keeps us on our toes, makes our partnership with you closer, and our work sharper.

Always hitting our deadlines

When we agree a deadline, we make it. No ifs, no buts. That’s why it’s called a deadline.
keeping to your budget
keeping to your budget

Keeping to the budget

We’re honest and open about our costs, with no sneaky hidden charges or shifting prices. Once a budget is set we keep to it. And when it comes to those last minute tweaks, we don’t clock-watch – they’re on the house.